About us
Unix LTD
Russia, St. Petersburg 9 January avenue, 3, Building 1

Our mission

Unix LTD. is dedicated to supplying and ongoing technical and after-sales support of industrial equipment
From day to day our company has been commited to meeting requests of our customers and to ensuring the highest quality of the work thus improving the economic performances of the clients. For us partnership with our client is a friendly cooperation. We are inspired by the principle: the more we give the more we get.

Our aim is to satisfy customers‘ needs in

  • power engineering, atomic and heavy engineering industry
  • aircraft engine building
  • defense industry
  • oil-and-gas machine building
  • car industry and ship building
  • toolmaking industry

We supply modern equipment of high quality and provide service and after-sales maintenance. At any time we can give a comprehensive advice on the choice and equipment handling. Out qualified specialists provide installation and testing of the equipment. We always give optimal conditions of cooperation and high-quality service.

Our principles

We provide customs solutions and intend for a logn-lasting and mutually-beneficial cooperation. Unix LTd. supplies high-quality equipment, spare parts and consumables of the leading world producers. The customers get technical information support and can be provided with training.

Our main principle is that first we offer consultations for the customers and then they are provided with any service or products they need.

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